Ending The Torment Of Tokens (new edition)

Écrit par | août 28, 2018 | White - Papers |

Historically, multi-factor authentication has required to equip users with hardware tokens. There were therefore only a few situations where the risks were large enough to justify the impacts of deploying strong authentication, and to decide against costs and user convenience. However, there are now excellent alternatives to hardware tokens. So it is worth taking a fresh new look at strong authentication. While it is more needed than ever, there is no longer a need to endure the torments of hardware tokens!

In this quick-read use case, discover why multi-factor authentication is paramount to protect organizations against hacks, and how it can be efficiently and cost-effectively rolled out using inWebo MFA. This use case is based on projects launched by industry leaders using inWebo solutions.

Table of Contents:

  • Strong Authentication. Now, More Than Ever.
  • Form Factor: It Matters More Than You Thought.
  • Embracing The Future. Already Serving 100% Of Users.
  • Cloud-Based Authentication Is Appealing. But Is It Reasonable?
  • Millions of Identities. Working With Global Organizations. And Smaller Ones Too.