Webinar (Nov. 21th) – BYOD, Cloud & Mobility: The challenge of User Authentication in the Connected World

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Traditional boundaries belong to the Past. Whether you like it or not, new devices (tablets, smartphones…) are being used every day to access your IT systems, including business-critical applications. With the Cloud, IT assets themselves are rapidly moving outside of the VPN orbit.

Securing multiple device access to your IT assets (CRM, messaging system, EDM, business apps…) is has become a critical component of the IT value-chain. Unfortunately, classical authentication mechanisms, such as tokens, cannot respond to the new challenges:

  • Must be super easy to use
  • Must be super easy to deploy
  • Must be cost-effective
  • Align authentication with your IAM policies
In this 45-minute webinar, Traxion and inWebo will present best practices and new authentication solutions for securing and unifying identity & access management, in a connected environment. Register now

Why you should attend:

  • You plan or have deployed Cloud applications
  • You plan to deploy a BYOD policy for your company
  • You need to replace actual password-based authentication
  • You manage security for IT systems with multiple device access
  • You’re looking for a strong/multi-factor authentication solution
  • You want to unify & simplify user authentication