Mobile Banking & Authentication #BadUX: And The Winner Is…

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Strong authentication, as we know, must be implemented as a compromise between security and user convenience. This holds for any kind of service, but this is particularly true for mobile, consumer-facing services, because both the mobile device and the large, not tech-savvy audience, introduce specific UX (user experience) requirements. Mobile banking should therefore see ideal implementations of strong authentication. But apparently, something went wrong…
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How Safe Is A « Secure Authentication »

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The search for alternative, safe, easy, and inexpensive user authentication methods has become a very central question due to the rise of attacks targeting and defeating user passwords (see e.g. link). However, « inexpensive » at the Internet scale is contradictory to « safe », so the search for better compromises than passwords looks both like a Graal quest and squaring the circle. In this post, I look at how secure the proposed alternatives are. Read More

Does iPhone 5 TouchID Matter And Why

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Rumors that Apple would integrate a biometric sensor in its future iPhone are even older than Apple’s acquisition of Australian fingerprint technology company Authentec in July 2012. These rumors inflated this summer, to the point that they seemed less rumors than a well distillated teasing by Cupertino. Read More


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When inWebo corporate website first went online early 2009, it was not so much about products – inWebo didn’t have anything ready at that time – than about sharing our vision for online identity, authentication, privacy, and security. Read More